Death Stranding Reveals PC Specs and Enticing New Details on Its Half-Life Crossover

Death Stranding Reveals PC Specs and Enticing New Details on Its Half-Life Crossover

Seems like some Portal will be in the mix too?

Love Half-Life, have a PC, but aren't ready to throw down money for virtual reality gear yet? Good news: it looks like the PC port of Death Stranding, slated for release on July 14, is going to have more of a substantial Half-Life crossover than originally thought. It also looks like it should run well on lower-spec PCs.

Back in March, we learned that Death Stranding was getting a bunch of Half-Life cosmetics, but a new press release and new screenshots provided to PC Gamer reveal that the crossover connections will go a lot deeper than a Headcrab hat and the gravity gloves from Half-Life: Alyx. It looks like we'll not only have a chance to see Sam Porter Bridges cross paths with a Combine Strider, but he'll also interact with a mysterious Half-Life character over a few missions.

DEATH STRANDING for PC is also receiving a hotly anticipated injection of Half-Life related content, offering surreal crossover missions with Valve's Half-Life universe. A familiar face has crossed over into the world of DEATH STRANDING, impersonating Bridges' employees and sending request emails prompting Sam to locate and secure companion cubes throughout the world. Completing these requests will reveal the mystery behind the friendly imposter and award Sam with useful new equipment and accessories.

Yes, Death Stranding will also pull in some stuff from the Portal side of the Half-Life universe too, something Valve itself has hardly explored in the last decade. Where Half-Life: Alyx snuck in a cardboard box with the Bridges logo next to a muddy boot, Hideo Kojima and company seem to be going all-out in their love for all things Black Mesa and Aperture Science.

Kojima Productions and publisher 505 Breaking news, Singapore news, Asia and world news & multimedia also released three different recommended specs for Death Stranding on PC, which you can see below. These don't cover super-high resolutions or the port's attractive ultrawide support, but you can see that PCs with mid-range GPUs, cheaper processors, and not much RAM should be able to push Death Stranding at 1080p and 60 FPS.

Mid-spec PCs should handle this PS4 title pretty well. | 505 Breaking news, Singapore news, Asia and world news & multimedia/Kojima Productions

That also bodes well for the upcoming PC version of Guerrilla's Horizon Zero Dawn, which was built using the same engine. Horizon Zero Dawn's port doesn't have a solid release date just yet, but we know it's also coming this summer, and Rock Paper Shotgun just spotted an AMD promotion that suggests it may even launch before Death Stranding does.

So, with just over a month to wait for Death Stranding's PC debut, it's time to start placing bets on which "familiar face" from Half-Life will make a cameo. The G-Man seems like the natural choice, but maybe that's a bit too obvious for Kojima. Perhaps Dr. Kleiner is getting up to some inter-dimensional shenanigans?

Death Stranding will be available for PC through Steam and the Epic Breaking news, Singapore news, Asia and world news & multimedia Store. Even though Valve and Epic are storefront rivals, the Epic Breaking news, Singapore news, Asia and world news & multimedia Store page also lists the Half-Life content.

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