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All-Out Warfare | What To Expect From The New Modes In ¡®Battlefield 2042¡¯ | Fandom

All-Out Warfare | What To Expect From The New Modes In ¡®Battlefield 2042¡¯

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It¡¯s been three years since players were thrown into World War II in 2018¡¯s Battlefield V, but EA and DICE are pushing the franchise forward with this year¡¯s Battlefield 2042. The new title imagines a world where global alliances have fallen apart after a decade of natural disasters and financial upheaval has turned society upside down. It escalates when the European Union is broken up after Germany collapses, and millions of people are displaced by the global destabilization. The people left behind find a home with each other, roaming the world in a fleet of ships looking for safety as a non-patriated society. They quickly take the name ¡°No-Pats,¡± and after a global blackout forces them to create armed squadrons of Specialists — the No Pats have to pick sides.
That¡¯s where the players come in, taking on the role of the No-Pats as they fight for their own survival against the warring nations. 2042 doesn¡¯t have a campaign mode to explore the rich story – instead it¡¯s purely an online multiplayer experience. Players have three different modes to choose from, as each one offers a unique and spectacular style of play. So, let¡¯s take a look at what to expect from the new modes in Battlefield 2042.

All-Out Warfare

2042¡¯s All Out Warfare mode is made up of two separate game modes which Battlefield fans will be pleased to see in the game, Conquest and Breakthrough. Conquest makes the most of the colossal locations as players wage war against each other to gain control of specific points across the map. The new ¡°Clustering¡± feature means teams will need to capture several multiple points to secure a whole area. This is going to give players a visceral and cinematic experience, since Conquest is as much about planning strategic attacks as it is blowing the enemy to smithereens. The sheer scale of these matches is impressive in itself, as Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC users will be thrown into games with up to 128 other players. Online warfare has never been this big, and it¡¯s going to be something really unique. But don¡¯t worry if you haven¡¯t got a next-gen console! The matches on Xbox One and PS4 will still be pretty big, just with 64 players instead of 128.

Breakthrough sees players divided into two teams, attackers and defenders, as each match moves through different sectors. Attackers have to capture every single point in the sector before the game pushes them forward into the next sector, so you¡¯ll need to be a master multitasker when taking on the defenders. Breakthrough also supports up to 128 players in each match, and it¡¯s perfect for players that want to dive straight into the action and get as many kills as possible. It¡¯s more straightforward, and delivers the high-octane action that Battlefield fans know and love.


Hazard Zone

The next mode is a brand-new addition to the franchise, called Hazard Zone. This will put players into a squad, meaning that teamwork is going to be key if you want to complete the various objectives scattered throughout the zone. Players will be tasked with scavenging for loot from crashed satellites and various locations across the map while also facing off against numerous AI enemies as well as other players. It¡¯s going to be a fast-paced mode that will keep fans on their toes, and they¡¯ll have to reach an extraction point without losing their loot mid-battle. If you die, you¡¯ll lose everything you¡¯ve collected in the match. Ouch!

Battlefield Portal

We¡¯ve saved the best till last because Battlefield Portal is going to knock your socks off. It¡¯s the ultimate love letter to everything that fans love about the franchise, as it delivers a stunning new sandbox experience. Players will be able to create tailor-made battles using maps from across various previous titles like Battlefield 1942¡¯s El Alamein, or Battlefield 3¡¯s Caspian Border and the Noshahr Canals. But EA and DICE aren¡¯t just breathing life into the old maps, players can change every single detail in Battlefield Portal using a Builder. This lets them pick which weapons each specific team can use as well as the vehicles and equipment. So yes, you can run around with Battlefield V¡¯s Panzerschreck before jumping on a quad bike in Battlefield: Bad Company 2¡¯s Arica Harbor map. The possibilities are endless.

Players can also go further into the match¡¯s settings, changing things about objectives and the AI enemies. Basically, it¡¯s time to get creative with the way you wage war. If you want a fresh take on Battlefield, but you don¡¯t want the hassle of sorting out your own settings, don¡¯t worry. There¡¯s a rotating set of inventive matches available through Battlefield Portal, and you¡¯ll also be able to pick from other games built by players from around the world. There¡¯s a real focus on the Battlefield community here, and it¡¯s clear EA and DICE are committed to leading the charge with the next generation of first-person shooters.

Battlefield 2042 is out now on Xbox Series S and Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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