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Johnny Knoxville Takes Fandom*s Big Fat Jackass Quiz | Fandom

Johnny Knoxville Takes Fandom*s Big Fat Jackass Quiz

Kim Taylor-Foster

Jackass Forever marks 22 years since Johnny Knoxville and his crew first started performing outrageous stunts under the Jackass banner for MTV. The trailblazing — and enduring — show has spawned a series of box office-smashing movies featuring stunts intended to out-naughty what was shown on the small screen.

In fact, the newly released?Jackass Forever comes 20 years after Jackass: The Movie first grossed out cinemagoers. In between, we got Jackass Number Two, Jackass 2.5, Jackass 3D, and Jackass 3.5, each one upping the ante on the series’ simultaneously sickening and captivating antics.?In the new film, the gang gets back together older — and no wiser — having assembled some fresh new recruits along the way, to perform another batch of skits and exploits that are all at once seriously impressive, courageous,?stupid, disgusting, and hilarious.

Throughout the franchise’s theatrical history, Jackass has amassed quite a tally of egregious and offensive stunts, pranks, and injuries. So, we set our statistics expert the task of calculating some of the movie franchise’s most jaw-dropping data and then took them to Jackass overlord Johnny Knoxville himself — in the form of a quiz, to see exactly how well he knows his own (co-)creation. Here’s how it went down… [SPOILER WARNING: IT’S VERY FUNNY]

Puke Nukem

Jackass the fart mask
Steve-O tackles the business end of The Fart Mask in Jackass with Preston Lacy supplying the gas.

We begin our big fat Jackass quiz with one of the least unsavoury of bodily expulsions, if there is such a thing: vomit.

FANDOM: Okay, let’s go. Looking at the movies only, not including Jackass Forever as we are tallying that up as we speak and don’t want to spoil anything, how many instances of puking have there been?

JOHNNY KNOXVILLE: Okay, I’m going to say ten.

FANDOM: It’s not! No, it’s 24.

JK: Hahahahahahahah. That’s terrible.

FANDOM: Who would you say puked the most?

JK: Steve-O pukes the most.

FANDOM: Correct. But how many times?

JK: Oh, god. Eleven.

FANDOM: It’s not that much. The answer is seven.

JK: So everybody’s puking? Everybody’s puking. But not me, you don’t have one for me: I’m not a puker.

FANDOM: But you’ve puked though#?

JK: If I drink too much, you know? But I don’t puke when I get grossed out.

“It was a hot day and you have to turn off the air conditioning so it just smelled even worse.”

FANDOM: So who is responsible for the most puke per person in a stunt?

JK: We just said Steve O, right? Oh, [your expert has] measured the amount of puke? That can’t be correct. Well, let’s pretend like it is. God, I’m gonna say Steve-O again.

FANDOM: Correct. And can you guess in which stunt he did the most puking in?

JK: Oh, f每每. Um, I don’t… I don’t… I don’t know.

FANDOM:?Okay, The Fart Mask [in this stunt, Steve-O’s head was entirely encased in an astronaut-style helmet with a hose and funnel/beer bong attachment into which Preston let rip].

JK: Steve-O was in the mask, right? And Preston was… [tails off] oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. It filled up the mask, right? That was disgusting. It was in a hot room in Florida too. It was a hot day and you have to turn off the air conditioning so it just smelled even worse.

FANDOM: Did it set off a barfarama?

JK: I think a couple of people puked. I can’t remember; I’ve had so many concussions since then.

Hit Me With a Nut Shot

FANDOM: Okay, let’s move away from puke now. How many nuts shots are there in total across the movies?

JK: Oh, wow …?26.

FANDOM: Oh my god. That’s so under the actual number 每 42.

JK: 42?! Jesus Christ. We’re a bunch of perverts.

FANDOM: And actually, the guy that assembled these numbers says he thought there would be more.

JK: Really? That’s a lot#

FANDOM: What film features the most of them?

JK: Well, we were on our worst behavior on Jackass Number Two so I’m gonna guess Number Two. [Emphatically] I’m going to guess Jackass Number Two.

FANDOM: No, it wasn’t. It was 3.5.

JK: Oh, 3.5. We’re doing the point fives, too.


JK: Oh! 3.5 had the# my big# Man, I’m doing lousy.

Jackass Forever Knoxville
Johnny Knoxville versus bull in Jackass Forever.

FANDOM: What’s the most impressive nut shot?

JK: This is personal opinion, right??Maybe me. Bouncing the basketball off the bridge downtown into Pontius‘s nuts. That [has got to] come back &Yes*.

FANDOM: That’s not the one.

JK: What???

FANDOM: That’s not the one that was judged to be the most impressive by our expert.

JK: What was it?

FANDOM: The Ferris wheel off the trampoline.

JK: Okay. Yeah, that was a pretty good one too. That was a pretty good one.

Bodily Fluids

FANDOM: Moving on again. How many ounces of bodily fluids have been consumed?

JK: Not [just] human bodily fluid, we’re talking about animal bodily fluid too, right?

FANDOM: Yeah, all human and animal.

JK: I mean we’re all animals, but you know what I mean. What’s the unit of measurement?

FANDOM: Ounces.

JK: Okay. I’m going to say 76 ounces.

FANDOM: Oh my god, that’s a gross overestimation!

JK: [Laughs] That grossed you out?

FANDOM: It did gross me out. It’s only 17!

JK: Well, we need to pick it up in that area huh?

FANDOM: Next film. Yes, please. I don’t know what else you could consume…?

JK: That’s gross. We’ve consumed about every bodily fluid so I don’t know.

FANDOM: I mean, I was just thinking blood#

JK: Well, you get knocked out and you get blood in your mouth but#

FANDOM: We haven’t counted that, I don’t think.

JK: You talking about someone else’s?


JK: God, you are naughty. Jeez, Louise.?

“Like, cannibals shouldn’t have cell phones. Pontius accidentally pushed one over and I was like, &Oh, no*. He’s like, &They’re just little guys…*”

FANDOM: Maybe not a person’s. Hmm. [Reading from a list of confirmed bodily fluids consumed in the films] You’ve got piss from a female donkey, the sweatsuit cocktail, and… an Aghori drinks pee. What was that?

JK: That was probably 2.5. When the Aghori cannibals we shot with in India, I think it was part of a ritual where they drink pee. But they were like… I don’t know, man. I was expecting really gnarly cannibals. But, you know… Because we were shooting with them and right before we were shooting, they’re like, &Oh no, one of the Aghoris escaped’. They had him chained down to his bed all day long. You know, his fellow Aghoris chained him down to his bed because he needed human blood and they were like, ‘He’s a little out of hand so let’s chain him down to the bed’. And so all the guys were weirded out by the Aghoris. But then, like, I don’t know… as soon as the bit was over they get on their cell phones. Like, cannibals shouldn’t have cell phones. Pontius accidentally pushed one over and I was like, &Oh, no*. He’s like, &They’re just little guys…*

FANDOM: Did he eat him?

JK: No! Pontius would have torn him apart. Pontius is strong.

Butts and Poop


FANDOM: We’ve done puke, nuts, and other bodily fluids so let’s move onto butts and poop. Starting with how many ounces of Miller High Life does Steve-O butt chug?

JK: Oh, wow. That was in Jackass Number Two, I think. I’m going to say# I’ve gotten every other one wrong.

FANDOM: Yep. Very wrong.

JK: I’m going to say 36 ounces.

FANDOM: Oh, again, that’s over! It’s 12 ounces.

JK: Oh, s每每t.

FANDOM: But maybe next time, get those 36 up there.

JK: Yeah, yeah.

FANDOM: How many pairs of pooped pants?

JK: Wow. I’m going to say four.

FANDOM: Nooooo, it’s twice that!

JK: Really? Where do I find these guys?

FANDOM: Have you ever done it?

JK: No. Not on camera anyway. No, I don’t do that.

“I had torn open my hand doing a prank and they were just sewing it up so unfortunately I missed the Enema Long Jump, which I think is going to be in the next Olympics.”

FANDOM: What stunt resulted in the most poop?

JK: [Laughs a lot] Oh, Dave England when he s每每t in the hardware store.


JK: Really? That was a lot of poop.

FANDOM: How much poop was that? Did you measure it?

JK: It was a full, like, big…. there’s a big footlong-er in there.

FANDOM: Oh, yes! I can see it now.

JK: Yeah, yeah# you’re trying to unsee it?

FANDOM: I can’t unsee it. No, the Enema Jump [is the answer].

JK: Oh, the Enema Long Jump. Yeah, that was a lot. That wasn’t my best idea.

FANDOM: How does that smell?

JK: I was at the hospital then.

FANDOM: Oh, right. Okay. With concussion?

JK: No, no, I had torn open my hand doing a prank and they were just sewing it up so unfortunately I missed the Enema Long Jump, which I think is going to be in the next Olympics.

FANDOM: Nice. Everything else is, throw that in.

JK: Yeah (laughs).

Ehren versus fanged spider in Jackass Forever.

FANDOM: So this is a true JackASS question — how many butts shots are there across the films?

JK: Naked man ass?

FANDOM: No, so like nut shots but butt shots, so skits involving the crew sticking something into their butt or 每

JK: Hitting against their butt. There’s a lot of stuff going in and out of the ass.

FANDOM: Thongs don’t count.

JK: Thongs don’t count. I’m going to say# well, this is on camera, right? Okay, so seven?

FANDOM: No, 52.

JK: [Bursts out laughing] That’s my favorite stat so far. That’s my favorite stat. 52??!

FANDOM: I mean, there’s a whole list of examples here.

What is going on?

Whipping Boy Ehren

FANDOM: I’m gonna move on because I’ve got a lot to get through. How many times# no, I*m not gonna do that one.

JK: No, no, I want to know what you didn’t want to do.

FANDOM: All right. How many times does Ehren actually do something impressive; that you called impressive?

JK: [Firmly and immediately] Zero.


JK: [Laughs loudly] It’s not?! It’s not?!


JK: One! [Laughs a lot] That’s practically zero. What was it?

FANDOM: Well, you tell me, what do you think it was?

JK: Ah, the taxi bit from the end of Jackass Number Two.

FANDOM: No. The Bungee Boogie from Jackass 3D.

JK: What did he do in that?

FANDOM: I don’t know [he was launched from a bungee cord along a runway riding a boogie board balanced on a skateboard and propelled up a ramp into a pool… and landed it perfectly].

JK: I like you’re getting upset at me for getting it wrong … “no”. By the way, in Jackass Forever, Ehren may steal the whole movie. He didn’t mean to, but he may steal the whole movie. so I will say that, you know, he impressed me. He gets great footage. He’s a very important part of it. He’s the whipping boy and he always gets great footage. He may go through hell, but it helps.

FANDOM: A colleague did ask me, when I saw Jackass Forever, if I’d let her know about how the bear scene goes.

JK: Oh my god. Yeah, he really got it in that … And his shirt! He’s wearing that shirt [that says] &So many books, so little time*. It’s like he couldn’t have had a more perfect shirt on.

FANDOM: So cruel.

JK: [Dismissively] Ah!

Jackass MVP

FANDOM: What’s the one stunt that encapsulates all of Jackass??

JK: Oh, okay. Okay. Maybe when Bam pissed into the jet engine. The wind coming off that and he’s pissing in the wind.

FANDOM: Incorrect. It’s the Cajun Obstacle Course.

JK: That was, like, an iffy bit at best… that didn’t make the [main cut of the] movie because it was kind of not great. It was all right. But I said in the bit, like, after he’s pissing into the wind I’m like that pretty much sums up Jackass, so I’m going to call your expert wrong on that one. All the other ones I legitimately missed.

FANDOM: I’ll take that. You know, coming from you. So that’s overruled. Okay, so the MVP, or Most Viewed Penis, excluding…

JK: [Interjects] Chris Pontius.

FANDOM: Straight in there.

JK: Were you gonna say excluding Chris Pontius?

FANDOM: No, excluding thong time.

JK: Right, no. Raw c每每k — Chris Pontius. And by the way, in Jackass Forever, his penis is one of the stars. His penis is a big part of our franchise. I could have stopped at big. But it’s a big part of the franchise.

Prepping for the bear sequence in Jackass Forever.

FANDOM: How many minutes of screen time does the Pontius penis get?

JK: Well, this is interesting because I said that Pontius has been nude, full-frontal, more than any other person in cinema history, excluding porn, right? I’m talking about movies that come out in theaters. So I would be interested in this answer. I’m going to say, seventeen minutes.

FANDOM: Oh my god. No, it’s not. I wish it was. It’s six minutes 20 seconds.

JK: Well, it may be 17 minutes after the opening of this movie. He’s naked a lot.

FANDOM:?That is true.

JK: He’s built for speed. So he’s like, &Yeah, I’ll pull out my gym dog*.

FANDOM: I have this thing: #ballsforboobs. I want balls to get as much screen time as boobs.

JK: You prefer the ball? You prefer the berries over the twig?

FANDOM: No, I’m not saying that. But if you’re going to show a pair of boobs on screen, I think the most the most kind of accurate male equivalent is the balls.

JK: Okay, yeah, I back your movement. Yeah.

FANDOM: I mean, you’re doing a lot towards it.

JK: Well, thank you.

FANDOM: You’re welcome. All right, last one. I’ve got to pick this one carefully. Does Dave England have more pooping scenes or serious head injuries?

JK: Pooping scenes, by far.

FANDOM: Correct. What do you think the ratio is?

JK: Oh, pooping to head injuries?


JK: I don’t remember him hitting his head. I would say four to one.

FANDOM: Five to three [Poop scenes — S每每t Volcano, Mini-Bathroom, pooped his pants, hardware store, bathtub poop;?head injuries —? treadmill, The Ballway, Ding Dong].

JK: Okay. All right.

“It was pretty artistically done when his butt was a mountain in the Poocano.”

FANDOM: Do you have a favourite Dave England poop?

JK: [Laughs] Oh, you ask all these questions so elegantly. I would say when he accidentally pooped himself before the hardware store. Terrible. It was the worst smell. And it was pretty artistically done when his butt was a mountain in the Poocano.

FANDOM: I lied. I just have to ask this last one. We put all this data [and more] into our Jackass 6969 computer [laughs] And our algorithm figured out which cast member is the biggest Jackass. Who is the biggest Jackass?

JK: God, I don’t know. Because I didn’t even appear on this list, I don’t think, I would say your computer came back with Steve-O.

FANDOM: Incorrect. It is you.

JK: Oh, okay. Well, yeah.

Jackass Johnny Knoxville
Johnny Knoxville is the biggest Jackass, according to mathematics.

FANDOM: Because you did 35 stunts; eight animal injuries#

JK: Oh yeah, if we’re talking injuries then. Then I win.

FANDOM: 35 stunts. You did the most stunts of everyone. Animal injuries, eight. Serious head injuries, three. Pranks#

JK: No, my number is way higher than that. I’ve had 16 concussions.

FANDOM: Have they all been on Jackass?

JK: Not all have been on Jackass, but a lot. So I’m gonna have to overrule your expert there.

FANDOM: But you never drank a bodily fluid or ate poop.

JK: No, no, I got guys for that. They’d be offended if they didn’t get to do it.

The grilling finishes with both Knoxville and Fandom chugging a beer in true Jackass style, and Knoxville lamenting his poor performance. “That’s showbusiness,” he says. He’s one hundred percent right.

Jackass Forever is in cinemas now.

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Kim Taylor-Foster
Kim Taylor-Foster is Entertainment Editor for Fandom in the UK. She was raised on an unsteady diet of video nasties and violent action flicks.