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Fastest-Growing Gaming Communities | Fandom

Fastest-Growing Gaming Communities

Elijah Webb

Our fastest-growing gaming communities boast a wide variety of styles and formats. You enjoyed board games, computer games, mobile games and more. The number-one-trending community was Lovestruck Voltage, so it looks like we¡¯re all a little lonely, huh? Perhaps since it was the largest trending community it can inspire some real-life romance as well! The second and third top trending were an online rhythm game and a highly intricate board game. Romance, rhythm and rules: gamers have it all.

  1. Lovestruck Voltage
  2. Friday Night Funkin
  3. Twilight Imperium
  4. Outriders
  5. Gyee
  6. Starlancer
  7. Grand Piece Online (Roblox)
  8. Bugsnax
  9. Kingdom Death
  10. Winged Cloud (developer Wiki)
Elijah Webb
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